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The winner of the competition is .... Two of the world's top athletes - football star Cristiano Ronaldo, tennis star Rafael Nadal joined Nike's latest film, to show that "Assassin Vapor 8" highly explosive speed and grip. "Assassin" debut on March 24, 1998 (Saturday). Assassin Vapor 8 "highly explosive speed, and comfort, feel and grip the top experience the world's top athletes. The eye-catching new designs use bright mango color together with the new visual symbol of the heel, and highlight the difference on the pitch. Complete redesign of the upper more fit comfortable, while firmly locking the foot to prevent unnecessary movement. Anatomic Last technology used by Nike to make shoes sustenance and stability further. More simple and soft heel stabilization system will messi f50 2012 be comfortable, fit the feeling of upgrading to the extreme. Therefore, the "assassin" for the world's top players need performance. The first act of nike tiempo the film, Rafael Nadal in a tennis club to concentrate on training tee. At this point, the sports car engine roar broke the quiet. Cristiano Ronaldo, a tennis dress, strode into the club, and Nadal say hello. Nadal friend Ronaldo wear shoes that question, obviously to play tennis, Ronaldo was wearing a pair of new "Assassin". Then, we see two tennis and football legend, one swing, one by the heels, playing tennis. At first, the two play very relaxed, followed by the competition of the game gradually strengthen. Nadal thunderous serve Ronaldo's volley blocked back. The next two of you come to me, each trick. Nadal waving the racket, frequent volleys and forehand; Ronaldo wearing the Assassin, by virtue of its seamless grip and excellent stability, and frequently made the header and volley action. Due two flash exhibition maneuvers, struggling to hit it, the sudden appearance of a football. It replaced Nadal put on "Assassins", and then the movie continues to demonstrate the skills they bring to the audience turf soccer shoes and fun. Finally, the end of this memorable with their feet to play tennis, Ronaldo and Rafael Nadal went to shake hands before the net. Nadal jokingly decided to "Assassin" appropriation, Ronaldo was furious

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